Using the Alan servers to run application

We’ve created a prototype using Alan, which we would like to showcase in the report. When I deploy in Alan I get a link to the application, however this link only works when Alan is opened in another window. In the docs I can find the deployment page which mentions application servers, but I don’t understand how to implement it myself. Do I have to just change settings in the deployment.alan file, or also in the wiring.alan file. And what changes do I make?
For our prototype the data has to be uploaded via csv everytime it’s started, so no need to worry about migrations.

Thanks in advance!

What do you mean by this? Every user of the online Alan IDE receives a link in this format$USERNAME/client/ and you can use it at any time, from any device. There is no requirement to keep the online Alan IDE window open for this.

You’re correct! I thought this was the case because when I tested it it gave an error, but this was due to something else. It’s working completely fine now, so thanks!