Update data by csv files

my client has an excel file with products and prices.
the alan app has eight main collections and upto five level diep sub collections to organise the products. Converting the excel to csv create about 200 files.
so far no problems, however it takes two days to update all prices by selecting collection and dragging csv files and some prices change several times per year.
is there a way to simplify this selecting and dragging procedure, for example by a batch file ?

It is also possible to import csv files for sub-collections. You can target all the sub collections by opening them from the menu and import csv-files from there.

thanks Paul, but somehow i do misinterpret your solution, see below.
this is one of the main collections

	'Laden': collection ['lade'] {
		'lade': text
		'Breedten': collection ['breedte'] {
			'breedte': text
			'Diepten': collection ['diepte'] {
				'diepte': text
				'prijs': number 'euro'

csv output shows:

csv import:
Corf Lade;200mm;500mm;add;62,00

csv error:
Laden,Laden.Breedten,Laden.Breedten.Diepten,:frowning: Error: Laden.Breedten.Diepten,item_operation,prijs#,":frowning: Error: "
Corf Lade,200mm,500mm,Entry does not exist.,add,“62,00”,x

The CSV-import only creates new entries at the deepest level. So if a lade does not exist, it should be created first. In your example the breedte does not exist and should be created first.

You process would go like this:

  • Import all non existingLaden
  • Import all non existing Breedten
  • import all Diepten

Hope this helps!

thanks, that was I already did, now I know it did it correctly