Unexpected error message

Hi, I have this reference definition:

'Attribute': text -> ^ ^ ^ ^ .'Attributes'[] where 'Stock Level' ~> ^ ^ ^ .'Attribute Stock Levels'[]

And at another part of the model, I check wether the link holds:

switch > 'Line' . 'Attribute' & 'Stock Level' (
   | node as $ => ...

But this gives me the following error message, targeting the switch expression, specifically the & 'Stock Level' part:

no valid 'value source' found for 'rule'. Unexpected 'value source':
- expected: 'base'
- but found: 'derived'

I do not understand what the error message means in this case. How should I interpret this?

Oh wait, it needed some more downstream annotations. Luckily we are getting rid of those.

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