Spreadsheet data import

When I try to import data from a csv file i get an error: The CSV file is not valid

The export csv file looks like this:
Bakoven 90cm breed,update,VB578D0S0,“1.679,4”

the import csv file looks like this:
Bakoven 90 cm breedd;add;VB578D0S0;1679.40

The error csv file shows this:
Bakoven 90 cm breedd,add,VB578D0S0,1679.40,​Error: Modellen,"​Error: ",​Error: item_operation
iQ500 - Oven 90x45 cm - 9 syst - ecoCl Full,add,VB558C0S0,1349.40,Is missing.,x,“Should be one of: add, update or remove”

Hi Anton,

You need the same header line as in the export csv:


And you need to make sure you use the same separator throughout, so either ; or ,

also no spaces or dots in the header names, underscores work well.

I don’t think spaces or dots should be a problem there. The problem is more that the names need to match the names that the csv importer expects (so as the csv export uses)

That is correct, but I had a dot in the headername: prijs_incl.BTW#
it came back in the error message with: ‘prijs_incl.BTW’#
the conversion in excel from xlsx to csv didn’t add the quotes.

You’ll have to be careful with Excel, it does a lot of ‘smart’ interpretation of data, which can have very nasty end results.