Setting of reference

	'Information': group @breakout {
		'Farmers Information': collection ['Name'] {
			'Name': text

		'Washing Station Information': collection ['Name'] {
			'Name': text
			'Personel': collection ['Name of Personnel'] {
				'Name of Personnel': text //user at 'Washing Station Personnel' should be able to select a choice from here.

	'Start Process': collection ['BatchID'] {
			'BatchID': text //@validate: "^(\\d){10}$"

	'Batches': collection ['New Batch'] {
		'New Batch': text

    'Harvest Registration': group @breakout {
		'Log file': collection ['Batch'] {
			'Washing Station': text -> ^ ^ .'Information'.'Washing Station Information'[]
			'Washing Station Personnel':  // User should be able to select the personnel from washing station

Is it possible to set the reference such that the user at ‘Washing station Personnel’ can select item saved in ‘Personel’ collection.

'Washing Station Personnel': text -> ^ ^ .'Information'.'Personel'[] //I tried this line but it did not work

Hi Brenden,

In order to reference the Personel, you should first navigate the ‘Washing Station’.

'Washing Station Personnel': text -> > 'Washing Station'.'Personnel'[]

Also check out the documentation about references. The entry reference definition part contains more information about navigating the model for references.

Hope this helps!


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