Regular expressions

I’ve tried to uppercase the last part of the postcode , but to no avail.
does alan support upper/lowercase, if so then how must it be placed in below line?

'Postcode': text @validate: "^(\\d){4}([A-Za-z]{2})$" @description: "1234AB"

You can prevent the user from entering lowercase letters by modifying your regular expression. Alan does not support automatic conversion of lowercase letters to uppercase letters.

What is your use case? In the future, please follow the instructions for posting a question. That way we can assist you more effectively.

My case: what regular expressions do work in Alan.
Another question, does space trim work?
Case conversion does not.
I just need to know what I can do with Alan.

When you change this

to this

'Postcode': text @validate: "^(\\d){4}([A-Z]{2})$" @description: "1234AB"

You will only be able to enter with uppercase, without a space. We are thinking about adding some sort of ‘masking’, showing the user what’s possible before entering anything, but the above will work for now.