Prefilled values in command

I’m trying to create a command to be used between systems. I want certain values to be prefilled. How do you give a prefilled value to, for example; a text, stategroup, collection, or number. My guess for a text or number is of the form: ‘Name’: text = “prefill” and ‘Number’: number ‘type’ = “0”, but how does this work for a collection or stategroup?

Hi Lucas, welcome to the forum!

Am I correct in assuming that you refer to default values that the webclient/GUI can show when you want to execute a command? You can do that with @default: annotations:

'Name': text @default: "default value"
'Number': number @default: 0
'Stategroup': stategroup @default: 'Yes' (
  'Yes' { }
  'No' { }

For collections, you can find an example in the docs.

You can also use (complex) expressions that determine defaults. The grammar for annotations at e.g. number properties can be found here (look for default).