Node paths in action

When using node paths within an action the starting point of their references are from the level of the action, not the level of the property within the action. Example:

'Verbs': collection ['Verb'] {
   'Verb': text

'Do something': action {
   'Something': text -> .'Verbs'[] // <-- Here I would expect: ^ .'Verbs'[]
} => update ...

It seems more consistent to me to use the style of node paths as in other parts of a model (as suggested in the comment above). Why do these action node paths deviate from this style?

That is a very good question. Originally, ^ could not be used for navigation outside action/command parameter nodes. Because of that, requiring ^ for navigation outside such nodes only added verbose steps which were always required. For that reason, we decided to use the node on which a command/action is called as the context for the ^ step.

These days, the above no longer holds. We are actively considering updating the language to support the style that you suggest.