Input validation: telephone numbers

I want my app to take telephone numbers. But after taking the telephone number, the telephone number is displayed separated by commas. Anyway for it to be displayed as a single unit.

You could use a text property instead of a number property an validate the user input using a @validate: annotation. The annotation takes a regular expression, so you could support any input mask you like.

'telephone number': text @validate: "^(\d){10}$"

Thanks. It worked.
1.But after filling all other required fields I received a pop up: Changes not saved. Even though I have filled all fields.
2. "^(\d){10}$" . Please what does this do?

Check if all properties are correct. The incorrect properties are marked with a red indicator. We’re working on better validation feedback and that will land very soon. Red dots alone are not very descriptive :).

About 2, it is a regular expression that checks if the input matches 10 number characters. More information about regular expressions can be found here:
Steps by step it means the following:

  • ^ match the beginning of the text
  • (\d) match a number
  • {10} match it 10 times
  • $ match the end of the text
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	'SHOPS': collection ['Shop Name'] {
		'Shop Number': number positive 'id'
		'Shop Name': text
		'Location': text
		'Telephone number': text @validate: "^(\d){10}$"
		'Description': text
		'Postal Address': text
		'Email': text


This is how I implemented it but I’m still getting the error message (Changes not saved).

The provided regular expression does not seem to work. I’m not sure why, but this one works:

'Telephone number': text @validate: "^[0-9]{10}$"
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The provided regular expression does not work because backslashes in Alan text require escaping: