Following a reference in views

I have the following collections:

'Users': collection ['Username'] {
	'Username': text
	'First name': text
	'Last name': text

'Questions': collection ['Question id'] {
	'Question id': text
	'User asked': text -> ^ . 'Users'[] @default: user .'Username'
	'Question title': text
	'Question text': tex

Is there a way to follow the ‘User asked’ reference in the views? So if I have

'text dynamic.alan' {
	'text':: text 'User asked' { }

Is there a way to do something like this:

'text dynamic.alan' {
	'text':: text 'User asked' .'First name' { } // follow reference and get first name?

Text, number and state group bindings do not support reference steps.

It is possible to this in widget attributes.

In the following snippet the text dynamic widget is embedded in a padded box.

'padded box.alan': widget {
	'widget': widget > 'User asked' 'text dynamic.alan' {
		'text':: text . 'First Name' { }

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