Export report to preset destination

how to achieve following if possible:
when a new project is created a path to a directory will be created.
(this can be done locally if necessary )
after the directory is created the path then can/will be saved as a file but without the filename extension.
by clicking on this saved path the directory will be selected and shown.
this path then should then be optionally selected and be inserted before the reportname

Do you mean that, when an Excel report is downloaded from an Alan application, the ‘File Save’ dialog of the browser should default to a predefined directory and that you want to define this directory within the Alan application?

@pvandam Do you know whether something like this is possible in the browser? It seems unlikely.

if one doesn’t ask one doesn’t learn.

Of course! It seems unlikely because from the browser, you are normally allowed only limited access to your local environment and being able to determine where files or folders will be stored seems to be atypical in that sense.

Something like this might be possible using the File system API. So we could look into it, but I don’t see this happening anytime soon.