Error in release migration.alan node: file

I want to add a file to my code below, but I get an error:
error: ‘attribute’ Pakbon was not found in ‘attributes’. None exist.
in line ‘Pakbon’: file = / $ .‘Pakbon’ , node: .‘Pakbon’ is underlined.
How to resolve this error

'Pakbon': stategroup = switch $ .'Pakbon' (
	|'ja' as $ = 'ja' (
		'Pakbon': file = / $ .'Pakbon'
	|'nee' as $ = 'nee' ( )

Already solved:

'Pakbon': file = [ "filename","extension"]

In this case, when there was no ‘Pakbon’, I would go for this, actually:

'Pakbon': stategroup = 'nee' ( )

With what you did, you initialized the Pakbon file property with an incorrect file

thanks Rick, that would be indeed easier.