Error deploying

Something went wrong last night, after I’d clicked on deploy following appeared:
What can I do to solve this problem?

> Running '/home/coder/project/ migrate' in '/home/coder/project'
- 2/devenv/platform/2021.10
- 2/devenv/system-types/session-manager/15
- 2/devenv/system-types/datastore/85
- 2/devenv/system-types/auto-webclient/seven.5
- 2/dataenv/platform/2021.10
- 2/dataenv/system-types/session-manager/15
- 2/dataenv/system-types/datastore/85
- 2/dataenv/system-types/auto-webclient/seven.5
Compiling wiring

Model 'model'

System 'server'

System 'sessions'

System 'client'

Successfully created /home/coder/project/dist/project.pkg
Compiling deployment: /home/coder/project/deployments/migrate
Validating deployment: /home/coder/project/deployments/migrate

Packaging deployment: /home/coder/project/deployments/migrate
- Selected remote data for 'client' (server/ide-xxx/client)
- Selected remote data for 'sessions' (server/ide-xxx/sessions)
- Selected remote data for 'server' (server/ide-xxx/server)
Successfully created ./dist/deploy.image
Failed to deploy replacement stack, stack creation failed
> Stopping 'ide-xxx'/active
Thu 21 Jul 2022 10:57:23 AM UTC [INFO]: connection lost to child process, Transport endpoint is not connected
> Deploying 'ide-xxx'/'2022-07-21 10:57:23'
Failed to create stack, stack limit exceeded
> Starting 'ide-xxx'/active
Thu 21 Jul 2022 10:57:26 AM UTC [INFO]: {system:server            } [server] Joined authentication domain '(null)'
❌ ERROR: application could not be deployed.

You reached a limit: with every deployment, we archive the old version and we create a new version. There is a maximum number of versions (archived + current) and you did not have any room left for a new version.

We just removed your archived versions, so you should be able to deploy again. This process will be automated in the future.

thanks, I’ve played, checked and tried a lot indeed.