Default current date

I want the datum has as default the current date, but the code below shows an empty field and I have the fill in the current date myself. How can the current date as default be achieved?

'Datum': number positive 'datum' @default: now

now produces a date time in seconds, which you need to convert to a date, as discussed in this post:

Some examples of rules and annotations that are useful when working with dates and date times:

root {
	// @date-time overrides the conversion specified in the numerical-types section,
	// by using the time zone of the browser for a date-time to date conversion.
	'My Date': number 'date' @default: from @date-time 'date and time' now

		= 'days' * 86400 * 10 ^ 0
	'date and time': time-in-seconds in 'seconds' // time-in-seconds is required for timers
		= 'date'+ 0 * 10 ^ 0 in 'days'
		@date-time // annotation for showing date-time picker
		= 'seconds' / 86400 * 10 ^ 0
	'date' in 'days'
		= 'date and time'+ 0 * 10 ^ 0 in 'seconds'
		@date // annotation for showing date picker