Data upload format?

how is data upload possible? through xlsx or csv files?

You can upload data in CSV format via your application by dragging a CSV file to the drop zone at a collection. We are currently working on a more detailed guide about data import and export through your app, which we will publish in the next few days.

A guide detailing data import and export in Alan apps can now be found on the docs page.

Please let us know if you have any suggestions for improvement. You can also contribute directly by creating a pull request on our GitHub page.

We had some trouble getting this to work because apparently either Numbers or Excel removes trailing colons ,: , from column headers. Maybe the upload feature can allow for missing trailing colons?

Thanks for the feedback.

Currently the number of fields of every row must match the number of header fields. Either commas or semicolons can be used as a delimiter.

An example of a valid CSV-import file is:

"a project";theo.est;add;Yes;;Yes;

Notice that there are no trailing colons in the header row. And they should not be needed. That said, the trailing delimiters in the rows are required. We could be more liberal when parsing CSV. Maybe we will add this in a future version.

When downloading the csv from the application it ends every column-header of a text column with a colon, not a question-mark. Is a question-mark also valid for text columns? I noticed for numbers the header should end with a hashtag. This would be a good addition to the docs I think

Currently, column names require the postfixes # for numbers, : for texts, and ? for stategroup attributes. Other postfixes are not valid. These postfixes will no longer be needed in future versions of the platform.