Converting units

When calculated with below:
mm3 = 20.000.000
m3 results in 0
further calculations with m3 result in 0 as well

we work with mm
but supplier delivers in cubic meters
we need to convert from mm^3 to m^3 for our calculations

    = 'mm3' * 1 * 10 ^ -9
    @numerical-type: (
      label: "m3"
      decimals: 3

Welcome to the forum!

I am not entirely sure what your question is, but I think the explanation below may help.

For converting 20.000.000 mm^3 to m^3, you have to multiply with 1 * 10 ^ -9, which gives 0.02 m^3. The application engine rounds to the nearest whole number, so the result of the conversion is and should be 0.

Alan only stores whole numbers. If you need an accuracy of mm^3 for your computations, then that is the numerical type you should start with. If the supplier provides values in m^3, you should convert them to mm^3 with the conversion rule = 'm3'... shown below.

If you want to show mm^3 as m^3 in your application, you can use the @numerical-type: GUI annotation as shown below. Please note that GUI annotations only affect how values are presented to the application user. They do not in any way affect calculations.

	= 'm3'* 1 * 10 ^ 9 // conversion rule for converting 'm3' to 'mm3'
	@numerical-type: ( // show mm3 as m3 in the ui, by moving the decimal point 9 places to the left
		label: 'm3'
		decimals: 9

thanks, the moving decimals was what I’ve overlooked.