Concatenation user

I have different users for my application. Is it possible to concatenate the user currently signed in and let’s say where the signed in user works. My best possible solution I did was rather referencing users.

Example of how I want it to work.
“Employee”: text reference to signed in user (ex. John). concat to name of work place (ex. Brake Company).

= John Brake Company

Yes, you can create a derived text property using concat like this:

Now I better read your question, I understand you want to base this on the currently signed in user. In that case a simple derivation does not work, as you probably already discovered.

Where do you want to show/store this concatenated text? In an entry that is created by this user?

Yes, so because I want to ensure a level of integrity in the app, I have a collection where I have stored companies.
There is an entry where the user is supposed to select the company he works in and I want the name of the user signed in to be associated with the company he selects.
So that we can know that it was this particular user from that company that made the entry (for auditing purposes)

I think this answers your question: