Concatenate in consumed interfaces mapping

Hi, I’m trying to add a house number to an address line. What is the correct syntax to achieve this? I thought something like 'Address': text = concat ( @ .'Street', " " , @ .'House Number'). But that is incorrect.

Could you please add more context information to your questions? That way, we can help you better.

  • What are you working on? For example an application model, an interface, or a provided interface implementation.
  • What are you trying to specify and in which context? (e.g. command/action parameters [which I assume as you are using the @ keyword], or a derived value)
  • Why is it incorrect/what compiler error do you get?

Of course, I’m working in the implementation file between an interface and the application model. I’m running a command with information from a connector. I want to have one address line in the application model, but I get 2 address line from the interface I’m working with, one with the street and one with the house number. The error is an unexpected keyword as it expects a node path.

Thanks for the information. By design, the interface mapping languages do not support data transformation. You can do data transformation in the connector, or in your application model already.

For your specific case, I suggest modifying your application model, such that you can store Street and House Number separately. This way, you do not lose the original structuring of the data which may prove useful in future versions of your app.