Collection of referenced items

Hi, the code below illustrates my problem. I’m not able to create a collection of the 'Orders' that have this 'Product' as a reference. I only seem to find reference-sets used for sums and counts, but not for anything else. Is a collection of referenced items possible?

'Products': collection ['Name'] {
	'Name': text
	'Orders Reference': reference-set -> downstream ^ .'Orders'* = inverse >'Product'
	'Orders': collection ['Order'] = <'Orders Reference'* { // <- Collection of referenced orders
		'Order': text -> ^ 'Orders'[]
'Orders': collection ['Order'] {
	'Order': text
	'Product': text -> ^ .'Products'[] -<'Orders Reference'

What is the goal of the Orders under Products in your example?

  • The generated GUI shows the Orders for a specific Products item on the Usages tab. We have plans to support showing it on the Properties tab directly.
  • If an external system requires this structuring of the data, then you can use the filter equal ( $^ $ /*product*/ , $ /*order*/ >'Product' ) in your provided interface implementation (implementation.alan file).